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InnoWeit – From Innovation to Vocational Education
InnoWeit project transfers InnoKenn method, developed and successfully applied in Germany, to other EU countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, and Lithuania. InnoKenn tool is used to measure innovative capacity of companies. The project adapts the tool to the needs of the partner countries and uses it to diagnose companies’ strengths and weaknesses related to organizational innovation. The results gained from InnoKenn method implementation may be used to develop training materials for improving companies’ capacity for innovation. The project’s intended outcomes include training for external innovation experts, advising companies on enhancing innovation abilities, and for internal innovation promoters, driving organizational innovation from inside.
2inno – Do innovation now!
LLP-LDV-TOI-13-AT-0002 project emphasizes the challenge of putting innovation into practice which small businesses face despite a huge amount of easily accessible tools, methods and theoretical materials. The project aims to fill this gap by helping SMEs’ owners find their own “culture of innovation”. project suggests the DUI-mode: “learning by doing, using and interacting mode”. The project’s intended outcomes include the development of free tools and resources for owners/managers of microenterprises & SMEs to elaborate innovation strategy.
LEGEND – Leverage Knowledge for Sustainable Innovation and Growth
The main goal of the LEGEND project is to contribute to increased use of knowledge by Slovak small and medium-sized enterprises in order to enhance their sustainable growth and innovation. The main project outcomes for SMEs and their partners in research and development activities include a training program based on the German methodology Intellectual Capital Statement adjusted to Slovak context, training materials and relevant e-learning system.

Innovation Suite Training Curriculum for SME Managers
The project strives to overcome the discrepancy between the need of innovation that SMEs face and the lack of practical and relevant innovation learning resources with specific focus on SMEs’ business environment. The immediate objective of the project is to overcome this gap by transferring a proven training curriculum: Innovation Suite developed by CREAX. The tangible outcomes include e-learning content customized to IT and manufacturing SME environment; on-line service enabling access to the world patent database maintained by CREAX; and pedagogical materials for training delivery.

SME 2.0 – Proactive Networking in the Business Management of European SMEs
The SME 2.0 project transfers the comprehensive methodology – the innovation of the LdV project SMELearning ( – into a proactive networking of European SMEs, in which they are able to utilize the business potential of the newest web 2.0 and networking technology offered by the digital age. The SME 2.0 project outcomes include online training for European Small and Medium Enterprises with a specific focus on their needs. The project covers all methodological, pedagogical, and technological competencies for establishing a sustainable e-learning solution.

InnoSkills – Innovation Skills for SMEs
The InnoSkills project transfers a practical Guide to Support Innovation in small and middle enterprises developed by the European project InnoSupport ( in the context of the partner countries – Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Portugal. It aims to increase competitiveness of SMEs by raising their employees’ skills through innovation management tools which target the following groups of professionals: trainers, students, SMEs advisors and consultants. The tangible results of the project include: learning needs self-assessment tool, innovation management guide, innovation management learning materials, Web-portal, and informal and cooperative learning guide.

Creative Trainer II
The Creative Trainer II project aims to develop a training course on creativity and innovation management for enhancing competitiveness of European companies. Engaging with the course materials, you can learn how to carry out successful product development, from the idea to the market. The course includes the following modules: Creativity techniques; Idea Machine; Idea Evaluation; Innovation management; Innovation marketing.

TIED shoe – Training in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design for the Footwear Industry
The TIED shoe project extends the concept of the Virtual Training Center into a Community of Practice that allows footwear companies, stakeholders and professionals to share experience and present a common approach to non-European competition. It incorporates new modules (Innovation, Internationalization, Entrepreneurship and New Design Tools) to the VTC-shoe that address the need for Innovation and Internationalization.

INMA – Innovation and Knowledge European Management's Agents
The INMA project transfers the end product of an earlier pilot project “Innovation Managers”. It expands the professional training profile “Innovation Agent” through the development of innovative e-learning contents with 2 direct objectives: to convert the profile in a multimedia training tool for trainers; and to foster innovation in organizations. The training profile includes the following modules: Strategic Management; People Management; Knowledge Management; Corporate Social Responsibility; New Information and Communication Technologies.

E-Learning Innovation Management Course for Vocational Training
E-IM project team has developed a new, market oriented e-learning course on innovation management. The course is designed for delivery in the Internet environment using Moodle system. It has six modules: Innovation: theory and practice; Creativity and innovative entrepreneurship; New product development and implementation; Financing of Innovation; Intellectual property management in the innovation process; Innovation support systems; as well as methodological guidelines for students and tutors. The course provides the learners (SMEs) with necessary professional skills and knowledge for successful innovative entrepreneurship.



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